A Perspective about Real Estate Closing Gifts for the Pet Friendly Buyer and Seller

Closing has finally happened and your Pet Friendly customers, whether Buyers or Sellers, cannot believe the day is here. Long forgotten are the price negotiations, the Home Inspections and the quibbling over the chair with three legs that was not put on the Inventory list.

Now you arrive at their front door with a Closing gift and please do not let it be something that says “Your Real Estate Agent for Life” and who wants a fleece throw with your Company’s logo on it? A gift certificate to a local restaurant or even to Home Depot is much more practical and appreciative than the clichéd and unimaginative gift baskets!

Make it personal – a leather photo album of their new home, filled with pictures of each room, including any pets, taken during the marketing phase. Most people do not have a complete set of photos of their house so it makes for a great memento. (Try to avoid the cat litter trays and old socks scattered about in each room while taking photos)

Or try artistic – a wonderful watercolor of your customers’ new or old home is always appreciated and what about supplying a local artist a photo of your customer’s pet for a small painting (you are not looking for the standard of Sir Joshua Reynolds  but a very simple painting of your pet)

But Wait! Upon arrival you see a pair (or more) of plaintive eyes looking up at you wondering where their present is. Just because they have paws does not mean they do not deserve something during the move to or from their home. And please, do not give your customer’s pets home made dog biscuits or cat treats as just one ingredient could make them very ill and make moving day a nightmare. Squeaky toys are marvelous but do you want to be responsible for your Customer’s new puppy being rushed to the Veterinarian for foreign body ingestion – not a pretty sight and very expensive.

There are a number of Pet Presents that can be added to your Closing gift. Now here is where the aforementioned fleece blanket comes in, not with your company’s logo but with the pet’s name. A comfortable new dog or cat bed is very useful as a Pet Owner can never have too many and the Pet will appreciate it for a quick snooze while their Owner unpacks

And the family pets are going to a new home with unfamiliar surroundings – It only takes a moment for the pet to slip his collar, to escape out of an open door, to jump the fence or to chase another dog/cat in the new neighborhood. Why not a Pet Medical ID Tag that could save the pet’s life, www.PetHealthAlert.com? This would really make your Pet Friendly customers remember you for life.



And if you must give them a magnetic pad for their fridge, make it useful to include their pet’s medical and emergency information (and not a Real Estate logo in sight!)

magnet_2(from The Alert Store on www.PetHealthAlert.com)


And, of course, the Pet’s presents are just an add on – even though they are very thoughtful and useful a ribbon tied bottle of Dom Perignon could also put a sparkle in the Pet Owner’s eyes!


Social Networking for Real Estate on the Rise for Pet Owners

When it comes to looking for a Real Estate Professional there are many places to start.  There are over 2 million active licensed Real Estate Agents across the United States.  With approximately 75% of people turning to the Internet to start their Real Estate Search, people go to their favorite search engine and depending on the search results they have to sort through the clutter of hundreds or thousands of Real Estate Websites.  All the Web sites, the Agent Bios and photos and the search functions start looking the same and boredom and frustration set in for the Buyer/Seller.

So how does the Buyer/Seller sort through the confusion to choose an Agent that’s right and understands specific Pet Friendly needs?

Getting to know how a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent works is an important but sometimes difficult thing to do.  This all comes down to the Agent’s ability to set themselves apart in the competitive Real Estate market and be the expert in their area of specialization.  Many Real Estate Agents own a pet and then think they are “Pet Friendly”. However, there are few “Pet Friendly” Agents in today’s market that are marketing themselves in the most effective way.  It is even more difficult to find a Pet Friendly Agent who specializes in a particular town or city and knows not only where the local pet shop is but knows the pet rules and regulations of that community.

If pets are an important factor in Real Estate decisions to the Buyer/Seller they need to find a Real Estate Agent that is dedicated to Pets and Pet Friendly Real Estate.  Of course, this writer is biased but www.PetRealtyNetwork.com is a good example of a Pet Friendly Real Estate Website – dedicated to Pet Friendly Real Estate and Pet Friendly Real Estate Agents.  Real Estate Agents can meet other Pet Friendly Agents locally or nationally and obtain information about other Pet Resources, articles to use on personal Websites and the newly launched www.PetFriendlyResourceDirectory.com for Pet Friendly Businesses/Services




Colonial Restored Farmhouse on 6.5 Acres Plus Barns for Horses and Training Facility in PA

eunice1Eunice Nicusanti, a well known Real Estate Agent in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and a Member of The Pet Realty Network, has just listed a marvelous property in the Allentown/Bethlehem area - in Washington Twp, PA to be exact.

What more can a Pet Friendly Buyer want – a restored 1805 Colonial farmhouse with over 2,700 sqare feet of living space, 6.5 acres of land for animals to roam, your own pond, a fenced dog area, a stone barn and a third building for horses or agility training – just let your imagination take you to how you can use all the resources of this lovely property and, of course, Eunice is here to help. For $469,000 this wonderful property can be your home as well as home to all your animals!



PetHealthAlert.com Saves Pets’ Lives

Hurricanes are not the only natural disaster affecting pets. Wildfires, flash floods, tornadoes, snowstorms, earthquakes and now the threat of terrorism affect different regions of the United States

Plus we must not forget about the everyday dangers for pets. Pets are vulnerable when traveling, escaping at a rest stop on the highway or from a RV or hotel. Even in their own homes, a door can be accidentally left open and a pet can escape.

Pet Protect® PetHealthAlert, www.PetHealthAlert.com is more than just another Pet ID Tag. We offer custom Pet Medical Alert ID Tags (choose from 10 Tags) that give an INSTANT alert of a pet’s medical condition plus Tags designed for healthy pets, pets that need special care and to honor pets that have survived a natural disaster.

PetHealthAlert.com’s National Pet Health Registry offers even more protection. By searching the Pet ID Tag number, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anyone finding the lost pet will have immediate access to special instructions that the Owner provides. Pet Data Updates are unlimited and password-protected to ensure security and safety and a photo of the Pet can be uploaded to the National Pet Health Registry

We are a FREE service (the Tag and National Pet Health Registry are FREE plus a one time lifetime $5.00 fee per tag for processing, shipping and handling).

The PetHealthAlert.com Tag is not a replacement for a microchip but is an added protection. A microchip must be scanned by a Veterinarian or Pet Shelter. With a PetHealthAlert.com Tag, no equipment is needed.


Please take a moment to:-

1. Visit www.PetHealthAlert.com

2.  Visit www.MyPetsYearBook.com  and have your Pet create a page, add photos and blog – only for Pets!



What to Do If a Dog Answers the Front Door When Showing a Home?

As a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent your first reflex has to be to make certain the dog does not make a break for freedom to visit his friends down the street. For the moment you must forget the horrified look on your Buyer’s face or the Seller’s voice telling you that “her dog has never done that before” and keep the dog safe and secure whether it is a Yorkshire Terrier or Bernese Mountain Dog. In theory that sounds so easy but I have seen my Chocolate Lab push me aside at the front door as on a mission to roll in every neighbor’s garden, test out how fast he can chase a cat up a tree or see if any passer by has an extra box of Milk Bones.

And it is just not dogs – on a recent Showing the MLS sheet mentioned to be very careful when entering the home as the cat could escape. There was absolutely no mention that there was a Python in a cage in the Guest Bedroom. When I heard my Buyer utter the words “I believe that is a Python” I did not even follow him into the room but simply ran out into the Living Room hoping that the snake did not have any family members in other parts of the house.

At times like these the Pet Friendly Real Estate niche can be hilarious or you wish you were an expert on local golf courses. However, according to the 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey over 65% of U.S. households own a pet that equates to over 79.7 millions homes and Pet Owners spent approximately $60 billion on their pets in the United States last year.

Pet Friendly is a very important market for Real Estate Agents and Pet Friendly Businesses and Services!

For more Pet Friendly news please visit www.PetRealtyNetwork.com as well as the newly launched www.PetFriendlyResourceDirectory.com and www.MyPetsYearbook.com. And to protect your dog and cat visit www.PetHealthAlert.com







Home Buyers Look For Pet Friendly Amenities

In the PetsMatter March / April 2011 edition, published by the American Animal Hospital Association The Pet Realty Network was interviewed for an article “Does the Carpet Match My Dog?”  

Over 62% of United States households own a pet which equates to over 71 million homes. (National Pet Owners Survey) With over 45.6 million dogs and 38.2 million cats, and not to forget horses, ponies and small animals, in the United States this is a Pet Friendly country. And as more home buyers search for that “perfect home” their pets become very important in the decision making process. 

More pet owners copy the innovative features they see at pet spas, pet hotels and doggie day care centers when designing, moving to a new home or adapting their present home. The trend for pet-friendly amenities is expected to continue as pet ownership grows among empty nesters, those who live alone and those who work at home. 

It is extremely important to remember to see if there are any restrictions on pet ownership before you sign a contract for a new house or condo. And before you make any home additions, for example a new fence for the back garden, make certain that you talk to the town/city planning department.



The Perfect Canine Retreat in Naples

Over 10.7 million Americans move annually with their pets and according to The American Pet Product Association for 2010 it estimated that $47.7 billion will be spent on our pets in the United States.


So when I met Abbey, the owner of 354 Tradewinds Avenue in Naples, Florida (she lets her owners live with her as she needs a ride to collect her dog food and get to her grooming appointments) to take the Listing for the property I was not surprised to see how she lives.  She has her special chair or sofa in each room and favors the water views overlooking the sparkling canal where she can watch the birds come and go and, of course, she is ready at a moment’s notice to take a walk to Vanderbilt Beach (at least part way and will be carried for the final steps) or a trip on her boat moored by her dock (of course, wearing her life vest)


The most important lesson from Abbey is that pet owners shopping for new homes (and in the United States over 63% of households own at least one pet), usually factor in the proximity to local Veterinary offices, boarding facilities, doggy day care, walking paths and also a nice garden to play in as well as a floor plan that accommodates your four legged family member.  As Abbey comments “Dogs Rule!”


Show Jeffrey Lurie the Money -Michael Vick and now Pet Jerseys with Vick’s Name

A small disclaimer – I am not on the Forbes List of Billionaires and never will be but I can look any dog, or animal for that matter, in the eye and tell them that I have never sold them out for the money.  Shutterstock_186367

It was announced by Forbes Magazine in March 2009 that Jeffrey Lurie had joined the list of the 793 billionaires in the world. The man who once said other franchises viewed the Eagles as the NFL’s “gold standard” attempted to rationalize his decision to sign Michael Vick as giving him a second chance.  Forget second chances, it is about the money.  If Michael Vick wanted to prove his disgust with what he did he would not have hired a team of Public Relation “experts” to train him about giving interviews and only in a controlled setting. Does not Jeffrey Lurie have enough money without allowing the sale of Michael Vick Pet Jerseys with part of the proceeds benefiting the Eagles?

And for even more hype just visit the Eagles’ Job Opportunities page where their Mission Statement for their interns is “Our mission is to recruit and develop the finest individuals in and for the professional sports industry in their respective fields of interest.”  Should not the same be said for their players? What will Mr Lurie do if Vick starts to win games but goes back to his old ways outside of football?  Will his “soul searching” mean that he will fire Michael Vick?

Michael Vick had plenty of time to stop his animal abuse in the years before he was caught.  The dogs did not get a second chance and there are plenty of people that cannot help a football franchise that are not getting second chances so at least be honest Eagles organization and say it is not about second chances but about winning football games and the money that comes with it.  Would you give Vick a second chance if you knew your stadium would be half full and you were not getting ticket and merchandise sales?

I do hope that Jeffrey Lurie, Michael Vick and the Eagles organization are making sizable donations to the Humane Society of the United States, Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Best Friends Animal Society (housing many of Vick’s abused dogs) and other Shelters so that dogs can get a second chance as Vick was given.


Real Estate goes to the Dogs

A $150 million, yes million, home in Holmby Hills, an exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles, has recently been put up for sale by Candy Spelling (for those who have no idea who she is Ms Spelling is the widow of Aaron Spelling, a television producer who died in 2006).Shutterstock_1703717

Now that is not the most remarkable feature of the story to The Pet Realty Network or the fact that the home has over 56,000 square feet with a gift wrapping room (where do people think up the names for rooms?), and even a barber shop/beauty salon but wait for it – the real estate agent was selected by Spelling’s Wheaten Terrier, named Madison.  Spelling had her security people bring her dog into the room every time she met one of the real estate agents and watched how her dog reacted.  If her dog did not like them they were gone!  Real Estate agents forget your listing presentations, no more presenting a Comparative Market Analysis, no more innovative marketing ideas – simply carry Milkbone treats in your pockets and instead of spraying yourself with Imperial Majesty at over $2,150 per ounce, simply rub freshly barbecued chicken all over you from head to toe.  You may not be welcomed at Barney’s in Beverly Hills but prospective doggy clients will choose you immediately.

It seems that 56,000 square feet is the rage in expensive real estate.  Starwood Ranch in Aspen, Colorado, was put on the market for $130 million by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to Washington. It does not appear that a dog chose the Real Estate agent for this sale.

Now I have discussed this with my Labrador, Pimms, and even he does not believe he would want to run around 56,000 square feet, do any gift wrapping, or be groomed and manicured in his own salon. Shutterstock_1191747 Rather he has his eyes on the village of Linkenholt in Hampshire for a mere $33 million.  He would much rather have his own manor house, watch cricket in his cricket pavilion and grounds, have a few horses to play with, a large garden to invite his friends over and visit his neighbours that live in the 22 houses and 2 listed cottages on the Estate. However, he has just learned that there is no pub in the village – but there does not seem to be one at the Spelling home or Prince Bandar’s ranch either and the hills of Hampshire are much more appealing than the streets of Los Angeles or the mountains in Aspen.  He only needs $33 million to achieve his dream!


Do you really know your Veterinarian?


Let me begin by saying that I have the highest regard for my Veterinarian and her skills and more importantly my dogs, Pimms and Pressie adore her (well, perhaps not Pressie which will be explained below).  In fact, thinking about it Pimms loves her because she has the best playground in town and he meets his friends there on Thursday, but that is another story.

Before I chose this Veterinary clinic 15 years ago I interviewed three other Veterinarians in Naples as I was bringing my best friend, Kash, a Hovawart, from England and wanted to make certain that I selected wisely, particularly as the Hovawart breed was not widely known in the United States.  My Veterinary clinic took excellent care of him until the day he died at the age of 13 years (as pet lovers will agree much too soon).  Pimms, the Chocolate Labrador, soon joined my family and even though he is a few loaves short of a picnic and extremely naughty my Veterinarian takes excellent care of him, through lumps, bumps and the odd ear problem.PimmsMonday0507

A year ago I rescued a very cute (in the eyes of this beholder) Border Collie, Shepherd, Terrier, Beagle mix from my local shelter.  I named her Pressie (English slang for Present).  When I adopted her I was told that she had been spayed at 8 weeks (from a further examination the spay was performed at an earlier age)  Very shy around people but loving every dog she met she soon joined Pimms at his playdates.  100_3908

Imagine my surprise when I noticed quite a bit of sniffing by Pimms and other dogs and a swelling on her Vulva.  The Veterinarian at the shelter had only done a partial spay and had left “parts” in my puppy.  The situation grew even worse as my Veterinarian had to perform a major operation (Pressie has never forgiven her for this and now hides every time she sees her) for the adhesion of an uterine stump to the bladder wall.  The shelter admitted the error but after their Veterinarian not performing a normal spay correctly I was certainly not going to take Pressie back to them and so after spending over $1300 at my Veterinary clinic to correct the “surgical error” that the Shelter admitted to Pressie is now a healthy and happy puppy, chewing on the odd post it note and paper towel with an envelope tossed in to vary her diet.

And the moral of my story – when choosing a Veterinarian interview, ask questions, get referrals and then do it all again.  People may roll their eyes behind your back but at least you know that your best friend is treated by someone that you trust.  And to end this Veterinary tale (or “tail”) the front page of the Naples Daily News this morning headlined the following about the Shelter veterinarian -Local Veterinarian arrested in a Miami demonstration on Sunday and police say he hit a police sergeant in the face, breaking his glasses http://www.naplesnews.com/news/2009/jan/07/naples-vet-arrested-miami-during-israeli-palestini/

Always find out as much information about your own Veterinarian and also Veterinarians that work at Animal Shelters as your pet’s life may depend on it.

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