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One Day to Sell a House If Your Name is Michael Vick

Shutterstock_552386If the story behind this sale was not so horrific a sale of a home in Virginia, or anywhere else for that matter, would be fantastic news in this challenging real estate market.  But why would a house that was appraised at approximately$747,000 have the asking price of $350,000?  Surely the market is not this bad.  But if the house belongs to Michael Vick, the quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons,  and one of the most atrocious examples of dog fighting was found on the property, most likely the owner would want to sell it quickly.  There are many stories in the media about the removal of over 65 dogs, scarred and bloodied, from the property as well as dog fighting equipment on the property.  Michael Vick claims that he knew nothing about what was going on at the property but instead decides to sell his house by cutting the price so it sells in a day.  Either he believes that the market will drop to zero value, he has too much money or he is slightly nervous over what investigators will find. Most people agree that it is the “investigator scenario” that Vick looked at before deciding on his FSBO pricing.

Then to make matters worse, if they can get worse, you have two Washington Redskins players adding to the situation by making the most disgusting comments about dog fighting and the rights of people to treat their animals the way they choose in the privacy of their homes. Now I believe that a number of NFL players do not make the correct life choices and are not the smartest men in the world but where are the owners of the Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins?  Are they in hiding attempting to protect their multi-million dollar investments or hiring yet more good for nothing players that have no respect for men, women or animals.  Or perhaps they are tutoring Michael Vick and his colleagues on real estate investing or how to attract pet loving fans to their stadiums so they can watch these “it is someone else’s fault” players run up and down the field. 

I would like to draw your attention to an excellent letter by Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the Humane Society of the United States to Rogel Goodell, Commissioner of the National Football League.  It is time the owners, coaches and others associated with the various sports step up and take action instead of telling the public that their stars did not mean what they said or did and they are seeking treatment for their problems.


5 Reasons Dogs Can Be Annoying (And Why We Love Them Anyway)

Shutterstock_800993Sitting at my computer thinking about the news of the day, the Blair resignation (pretty old stuff), the Dow falls more than 100 points at mid-day (does it really matter when the United States housing slump appears to be much worse), England getting ready for the Test against the West Indies ( sadly gone are the days of Viv Richards), I am watching my Chocolate Labrador swimming in the pool.  What a life!  So I thought if I had to write a list of 5 things that annoy me about this fellow for the Pro-Blogger Group Writing Project I could watch him doing his laps and have a break at the same time

 1.  Dog Breath can be overpowering at times, i.e. the stinky breath syndrome or tuna breath as we so fondly call it at the office.  Of course, this does not stop dogs from lavishing those doggy breath kisses and for reasons beyond our comprehension we keep asking for more.


Shutterstock_5793452.  Drinking out the toilet – Aside from fresh water at all times, even with ice cubes in his bowl at times, my dog must check to see if someone forgot and the seat is left invitingly up. Most houses have books, baskets filled with soap, and pretty pictures in their guest bathrooms. Not in mine – simply a sign posted saying please put the seat down so the dog does not have a midnight cocktail. 


Pimmsndn3.  Gets more press coverage, gets better rankings in the search engines and gets more publicity than the average Blogger – (I am talking about me here not Darren Rowse).  Recently the Naples Daily News, my local newspaper featured my dog on the cover of the Business Section on a Friday when the newspaper gets a good number of readers.  I was ready to telephone my family and friends, comb my hair and even put on a clean pair of jeans for a photo opportunity – and what happens, my dog is featured.  He is now waiting for calls from the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times.

Pet-friendly agents form real estate network


4.  Looks better at the beach – no matter the weather or how many times my dog goes romping in the waves he always gets more attention and looks far, far better than I could ever do.  With sand on his nose and a very wet coat people always come up and play with him. If people acted as dogs do on the beach they would either be commited to the nearest looney bin or their friends and family would make believe they did not know them.  Oh, it is a dog’s life!


Shutterstock_18018455.  Has his own personal servant – ME! I keep dreaming of having a very clean house all the time, not just every second Tuesday of the month if there was a full moon the night before, having all the shopping done for those gourmet dinners that a phantom cook would be preparing for all my guests and having all meals served on time.  A chauffeur would be lovely for a very clean SUV as would a gardener to keep the grass in prime condition for all those games, croquet perhaps, not chase the neighbor’s dog to get a frisbee.  These are dreams of mine but NOT my dog’s – this is his world.

 All dogs have their own personalities and character traits.  I cannot wait to hear about your dog’s annoying habits.



Would I Be Accepted in New York City?

Shutterstock_464436Not for me the pleasures of Park Avenue or the Upper East Side and it now appears there is no room for me in Soho, Chelsea or Tribeca.  I make my feelings known with the occasional woof, have been known to leave a few dog hairs while in the elevator, and cause doormen to open doors for me (that is their job).  Now it seems according to Christine Haughney in her article “So, Do I Make the Cut” in The New York Times that dogs must have interviews to live in New York’s condos and coops.

And not just the normal interview but one similar to a nursery school tryout.  Sets of scales to take the weight (of the pet, not the owner, but perhaps the owner will be weighed next), judging the pet’s name (Muffy, Fluffy and Fleurette ok, Spike, Fang and Thug unacceptable) and perhaps even what the dog is wearing (Prada and Gucci in, leather and chains out).  Oh, please, should these coop and condo boards be on this power trip?  What if Mick Jagger wanted to buy a place and have a few friends over for a 3 AM version of Jumping Jack Flash or a Hollywood starlet decided to test how many people would fit into her condo for an all night party?

What is so great about The New York Times article is that it summarizes the exploits of a few very well known Real Estate Agents in New York City with petsShutterstock_1703717 and the problems they encountered while either finding their own Pet Friendly property or searching for clients.  Just think what would happen if condo and coops boards were made up of dogs and they decided who they would open the door for and let into the building.


Do You Want to Buy an Embassy?

Do you have an extra $185 million (it could be more tomorrow as the UK pound keeps getting stronger against the US dollar)?  Would you like to live at the premier London address in Grosvenor Square?  Do you need approximately 133,000 square feet of living space?  Then put in your bid as the United States Embassy has just gone on sale.  The sale of this Embassy is part of a global disposal of United States embassies, ambassadorial residences and other diplomatic buildings around the world.  The winning bidder will have 939 years left of a 999 year lease and of course one of the prime addresses in London.

Shutterstock_1254241Before you open your check book it appears that the Embassy that had some of the best drink parties in town, particularly for the Super Bowl where you could roam the corridors, eat and drink to your heart’s content and then glimpse Joe Montana throw touchdown passes into the end zone (no parties took place for cricket, rugby or soccer matches) is likely to be the site for a major hotel or the most expensive flats in town.  It is certainly not a done deal. The US Government may simply update the security measures and facilities in Grosvenor Square as do the diplomats want to give up this address for a building that may be safer but so far out of London that they have to take food and water to get back to where the action is? So if you are tired of hearing that the United States property market is in the doldrums, think British and get your checkbook ready for a prime piece of real estate.