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Home Buyers Look For Pet Friendly Amenities

In the PetsMatter March / April 2011 edition, published by the American Animal Hospital Association The Pet Realty Network was interviewed for an article “Does the Carpet Match My Dog?”  

Over 62% of United States households own a pet which equates to over 71 million homes. (National Pet Owners Survey) With over 45.6 million dogs and 38.2 million cats, and not to forget horses, ponies and small animals, in the United States this is a Pet Friendly country. And as more home buyers search for that “perfect home” their pets become very important in the decision making process. 

More pet owners copy the innovative features they see at pet spas, pet hotels and doggie day care centers when designing, moving to a new home or adapting their present home. The trend for pet-friendly amenities is expected to continue as pet ownership grows among empty nesters, those who live alone and those who work at home. 

It is extremely important to remember to see if there are any restrictions on pet ownership before you sign a contract for a new house or condo. And before you make any home additions, for example a new fence for the back garden, make certain that you talk to the town/city planning department.