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Hurricanes are not the only natural disaster affecting pets. Wildfires, flash floods, tornadoes, snowstorms, earthquakes and now the threat of terrorism affect different regions of the United States

Plus we must not forget about the everyday dangers for pets. Pets are vulnerable when traveling, escaping at a rest stop on the highway or from a RV or hotel. Even in their own homes, a door can be accidentally left open and a pet can escape.

Pet Protect® PetHealthAlert, is more than just another Pet ID Tag. We offer custom Pet Medical Alert ID Tags (choose from 10 Tags) that give an INSTANT alert of a pet’s medical condition plus Tags designed for healthy pets, pets that need special care and to honor pets that have survived a natural disaster.’s National Pet Health Registry offers even more protection. By searching the Pet ID Tag number, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anyone finding the lost pet will have immediate access to special instructions that the Owner provides. Pet Data Updates are unlimited and password-protected to ensure security and safety and a photo of the Pet can be uploaded to the National Pet Health Registry

We are a FREE service (the Tag and National Pet Health Registry are FREE plus a one time lifetime $5.00 fee per tag for processing, shipping and handling).

The Tag is not a replacement for a microchip but is an added protection. A microchip must be scanned by a Veterinarian or Pet Shelter. With a Tag, no equipment is needed.


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What to Do If a Dog Answers the Front Door When Showing a Home?

As a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent your first reflex has to be to make certain the dog does not make a break for freedom to visit his friends down the street. For the moment you must forget the horrified look on your Buyer’s face or the Seller’s voice telling you that “her dog has never done that before” and keep the dog safe and secure whether it is a Yorkshire Terrier or Bernese Mountain Dog. In theory that sounds so easy but I have seen my Chocolate Lab push me aside at the front door as on a mission to roll in every neighbor’s garden, test out how fast he can chase a cat up a tree or see if any passer by has an extra box of Milk Bones.

And it is just not dogs – on a recent Showing the MLS sheet mentioned to be very careful when entering the home as the cat could escape. There was absolutely no mention that there was a Python in a cage in the Guest Bedroom. When I heard my Buyer utter the words “I believe that is a Python” I did not even follow him into the room but simply ran out into the Living Room hoping that the snake did not have any family members in other parts of the house.

At times like these the Pet Friendly Real Estate niche can be hilarious or you wish you were an expert on local golf courses. However, according to the 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey over 65% of U.S. households own a pet that equates to over 79.7 millions homes and Pet Owners spent approximately $60 billion on their pets in the United States last year.

Pet Friendly is a very important market for Real Estate Agents and Pet Friendly Businesses and Services!

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