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When Your Pet Decides Where You Live

The power of pets in real estate is increasing every year. Pets are playing a very important role in the home buying, selling and renting decisions their owners make

According to the 2015-2016 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 65% of US households own a pet which equates to 79.7 million homes.  Every year millions of people move with their pets and are looking for Pet Friendly Agents to help them.  The Pet Realty Network®,, is now in the top 5 results when searching Pet Friendly Real Estate and Pet Friendly Agents on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Where do pet owners start their search when buying a new home or selling their home?  Years ago it was walking into their local Real Estate office or phoning their network of friends to find a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent.  The internet has changed Real Estate life and now in most cases it is the first stop for Buyers/Sellers.

It is no longer good enough to tell people that you are Pet Friendly and have a four legged friend/s at home.  You must show it in your Pet Friendly innovative marketing, your knowledge of local laws, association rules and regulations pertaining to pets and, of course, your knowledge of the home, neighborhood and local amenities that you are showing or selling.

The pet owner falls in love with a home and it is priced right and in a convenient neighborhood – what about their elderly Labrador that most likely does not want to climb 3 flights of stairs to get to his family’s bedroom where he has slept for the past 10 years? And what about the busy street in front of the house where one open door will allow the family cat to escape into traffic? Do you consider all aspects of the property when working with a Buyer/Seller and how to address potential issues, i.e. have you asked the questions initially about ALL their family members?

There is a lot for pet owners to consider.  It is important to not just fall in love with a house – they must think about their dog, cat, horse and even an alpaca or two.


And years ago when selling a home pet owners would hide the bowls, toys and beds when showing a home.  Now it can be advantageous to show that a pet lives there as there is a good chance that the buyer will be asking a number of pet related questions about the house and neighborhood.  A good Real Estate agent will know the answers!  That is not to say that a smelly litter tray or old tattered dog bed should take pride of place but photos of the family pets might add a nice touch – and a well behaved dog or cat in their crate is fine but do not have a galloping Irish Wolfhound arrive at the front door as the official greeter.

And if you are Pet Friendly for some great tips please take a moment to read The Pet Realty Network’s In the News Page where there are articles from the National Association of Realtors magazine to the Washington Post and a selection of media that showcase The Pet Realty Network® and its Members