Real Estate goes to the Dogs

A $150 million, yes million, home in Holmby Hills, an exclusive neighborhood in Los Angeles, has recently been put up for sale by Candy Spelling (for those who have no idea who she is Ms Spelling is the widow of Aaron Spelling, a television producer who died in 2006).Shutterstock_1703717

Now that is not the most remarkable feature of the story to The Pet Realty Network or the fact that the home has over 56,000 square feet with a gift wrapping room (where do people think up the names for rooms?), and even a barber shop/beauty salon but wait for it – the real estate agent was selected by Spelling’s Wheaten Terrier, named Madison.  Spelling had her security people bring her dog into the room every time she met one of the real estate agents and watched how her dog reacted.  If her dog did not like them they were gone!  Real Estate agents forget your listing presentations, no more presenting a Comparative Market Analysis, no more innovative marketing ideas – simply carry Milkbone treats in your pockets and instead of spraying yourself with Imperial Majesty at over $2,150 per ounce, simply rub freshly barbecued chicken all over you from head to toe.  You may not be welcomed at Barney’s in Beverly Hills but prospective doggy clients will choose you immediately.

It seems that 56,000 square feet is the rage in expensive real estate.  Starwood Ranch in Aspen, Colorado, was put on the market for $130 million by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to Washington. It does not appear that a dog chose the Real Estate agent for this sale.

Now I have discussed this with my Labrador, Pimms, and even he does not believe he would want to run around 56,000 square feet, do any gift wrapping, or be groomed and manicured in his own salon. Shutterstock_1191747 Rather he has his eyes on the village of Linkenholt in Hampshire for a mere $33 million.  He would much rather have his own manor house, watch cricket in his cricket pavilion and grounds, have a few horses to play with, a large garden to invite his friends over and visit his neighbours that live in the 22 houses and 2 listed cottages on the Estate. However, he has just learned that there is no pub in the village – but there does not seem to be one at the Spelling home or Prince Bandar’s ranch either and the hills of Hampshire are much more appealing than the streets of Los Angeles or the mountains in Aspen.  He only needs $33 million to achieve his dream!

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