A Perspective about Real Estate Closing Gifts for the Pet Friendly Buyer and Seller

Closing has finally happened and your Pet Friendly customers, whether Buyers or Sellers, cannot believe the day is here. Long forgotten are the price negotiations, the Home Inspections and the quibbling over the chair with three legs that was not put on the Inventory list.

Now you arrive at their front door with a Closing gift and please do not let it be something that says “Your Real Estate Agent for Life” and who wants a fleece throw with your Company’s logo on it? A gift certificate to a local restaurant or even to Home Depot is much more practical and appreciative than the clichéd and unimaginative gift baskets!

Make it personal – a leather photo album of their new home, filled with pictures of each room, including any pets, taken during the marketing phase. Most people do not have a complete set of photos of their house so it makes for a great memento. (Try to avoid the cat litter trays and old socks scattered about in each room while taking photos)

Or try artistic – a wonderful watercolor of your customers’ new or old home is always appreciated and what about supplying a local artist a photo of your customer’s pet for a small painting (you are not looking for the standard of Sir Joshua Reynolds  but a very simple painting of your pet)

But Wait! Upon arrival you see a pair (or more) of plaintive eyes looking up at you wondering where their present is. Just because they have paws does not mean they do not deserve something during the move to or from their home. And please, do not give your customer’s pets home made dog biscuits or cat treats as just one ingredient could make them very ill and make moving day a nightmare. Squeaky toys are marvelous but do you want to be responsible for your Customer’s new puppy being rushed to the Veterinarian for foreign body ingestion – not a pretty sight and very expensive.

There are a number of Pet Presents that can be added to your Closing gift. Now here is where the aforementioned fleece blanket comes in, not with your company’s logo but with the pet’s name. A comfortable new dog or cat bed is very useful as a Pet Owner can never have too many and the Pet will appreciate it for a quick snooze while their Owner unpacks

And the family pets are going to a new home with unfamiliar surroundings – It only takes a moment for the pet to slip his collar, to escape out of an open door, to jump the fence or to chase another dog/cat in the new neighborhood. Why not a Pet Medical ID Tag that could save the pet’s life, www.PetHealthAlert.com? This would really make your Pet Friendly customers remember you for life.



And if you must give them a magnetic pad for their fridge, make it useful to include their pet’s medical and emergency information (and not a Real Estate logo in sight!)

magnet_2(from The Alert Store on www.PetHealthAlert.com)


And, of course, the Pet’s presents are just an add on – even though they are very thoughtful and useful a ribbon tied bottle of Dom Perignon could also put a sparkle in the Pet Owner’s eyes!

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