Do You Want to Buy an Embassy?

Do you have an extra $185 million (it could be more tomorrow as the UK pound keeps getting stronger against the US dollar)?  Would you like to live at the premier London address in Grosvenor Square?  Do you need approximately 133,000 square feet of living space?  Then put in your bid as the United States Embassy has just gone on sale.  The sale of this Embassy is part of a global disposal of United States embassies, ambassadorial residences and other diplomatic buildings around the world.  The winning bidder will have 939 years left of a 999 year lease and of course one of the prime addresses in London.

Shutterstock_1254241Before you open your check book it appears that the Embassy that had some of the best drink parties in town, particularly for the Super Bowl where you could roam the corridors, eat and drink to your heart’s content and then glimpse Joe Montana throw touchdown passes into the end zone (no parties took place for cricket, rugby or soccer matches) is likely to be the site for a major hotel or the most expensive flats in town.  It is certainly not a done deal. The US Government may simply update the security measures and facilities in Grosvenor Square as do the diplomats want to give up this address for a building that may be safer but so far out of London that they have to take food and water to get back to where the action is? So if you are tired of hearing that the United States property market is in the doldrums, think British and get your checkbook ready for a prime piece of real estate.

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