Would I Be Accepted in New York City?

Shutterstock_464436Not for me the pleasures of Park Avenue or the Upper East Side and it now appears there is no room for me in Soho, Chelsea or Tribeca.  I make my feelings known with the occasional woof, have been known to leave a few dog hairs while in the elevator, and cause doormen to open doors for me (that is their job).  Now it seems according to Christine Haughney in her article “So, Do I Make the Cut” in The New York Times that dogs must have interviews to live in New York’s condos and coops.

And not just the normal interview but one similar to a nursery school tryout.  Sets of scales to take the weight (of the pet, not the owner, but perhaps the owner will be weighed next), judging the pet’s name (Muffy, Fluffy and Fleurette ok, Spike, Fang and Thug unacceptable) and perhaps even what the dog is wearing (Prada and Gucci in, leather and chains out).  Oh, please, should these coop and condo boards be on this power trip?  What if Mick Jagger wanted to buy a place and have a few friends over for a 3 AM version of Jumping Jack Flash or a Hollywood starlet decided to test how many people would fit into her condo for an all night party?

What is so great about The New York Times article is that it summarizes the exploits of a few very well known Real Estate Agents in New York City with petsShutterstock_1703717 and the problems they encountered while either finding their own Pet Friendly property or searching for clients.  Just think what would happen if condo and coops boards were made up of dogs and they decided who they would open the door for and let into the building.

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