Monday at The Water Bowl – Dog to Dog Interviews or Learn From the Top Dogs

PimmsMonday0507Pimms, the Chocolate Labrador and Director of Barketing at The Pet Realty Network, likes to have a chat with everyone that crosses his path- he is a Labrador after all.  Anyway, at one of the Monday office meetings new ideas were being discussed and Pimms woofed for some water.  When Pimms speaks people jump so as his water bowl was being filled, as well as for the other dogs waiting their turn, I imagined what it would be like for dogs chatting at the water bowl after their weekends.  What would they discuss – the new Dog Park laws, the latest new snack, when they were going to buy that home with 2000 acres so they could invite their friends over to play, the newest dog in the neighborhood?


Pimms took the idea and ran with it (all around the office) and as he has the loudest Woof at meetings we agreed to let him establish Monday at the Water Bowl as he wished to become a celebrity canine interviewer and choose and then interview the Top Dogs of Industry, Politics, Entertainment and Technology (with the odd feline interview thrown in just to avoid any harsh criticism). He could ask the no teeth barred questions, dig out all the details and bark the candid opinions that people interviewers dare not ask.  He has no interest in interviewing the people that the Dogs own as they have plenty of chances to make their views known but instead wanted to concentrate on the power behind the throne in the Boardroom. He believes that Dogs have more to say and one of his favorite quotes sums up why he is starting MONDAY AT THE WATER BOWL


“All knowledge, the totality of all questions and answers, is contained in the dog.”

                                         Franz Kafka (1883-1924) 




MoxiepupWhy did I choose MOXIE RHEINGOLD as my first interview?  Everywhere I go in the office one of my canine colleagues is working on their Dogster page,, and getting E-mails asking them to be a Pup Pal.  Now, I am not a joiner of anything but I had to check it out and then I heard about Moxie, viewed her page and photos and from then it was inevitable – I had to join and decided that I had to have my first interview with her.  She owns Ted and Molly Rheingold (they seem to get enough press and speaking gigs on their own) and she is the Top Dog and the power behind the couch at Dogster (after her great answers to my questions I expect they are taking up a collection at Dogster for a special couch for Moxie with extra sets of legs for that tea time chew).



1. What are your responsibilities at Dogster?

Woof! I carry the weight of this company all in my little paws. Basically, I’m in charge of moral boosting. Whenever there is tension or someone is having a bad day, I always have to think of something cute to do to cheer them up. Perhaps it’s running around in really fast circles, or waking up my gal-pal Ripley and making her play with me so we can get people’s mind off their issues. My motto is that there is no problem too big or small that a little dog love can’t fix.



2. Are you on the Board of Directors or are you more involved in the day-to-day management or both?

I’m more of a day-to-day sort of pup. Board meetings just aren’t my thing. I’m the type that enjoys going desk to desk to check in with people and see if there are ways I can lend a paw.



3. What do you think the best feature of Dogster is?

Showcasing all the cute dogs, of course. A place dedicated to puppy love is all-good, all the time. Plus, we have great people in the community willing to lend a paw with advice on training, grooming, tricks, etc. I learn so much from the site every day! Now, if I could only learn not to chew on the couch leg.


4. What are your feelings about cats, particularly as Catster plays an important role in the Company?

Without cats, what would I chase!?! No, seriously, cats are great. (A couple of the guys in the office have cats that out-weigh me by at least 10 lbs. So if I say anything bad, they’ll come after me. ) The great thing about Catster and Dogster both is that we’re all for the health, safety and loving support of all animals. So no matter if they bark or meow, they always have a home with us. (Did I mention that they’re also fun to chase…?)


5. What are your perks at Dogster, i.e. share options, new couch, play dates, special treats and toys?

Oh, this one is wag-your-tail simple: All the great pups that come in to the office mostly every day. There’s Ripley, Sherpa, Mochi and Marcel! (This is off the record, but Marcel has a little crush on me. I’m a heart breaker, I know)


Back to your question: Sometimes other humans come in and bring their pups to visit. It’s all one giant playground at the office. But, as I woofed in question one, it’s hard work sometimes. Chase my tail or run in circles? Chase my tail or run in circles? Pick the wrong one, and disaster!


6. Congratulations on having over 400,000 Members.  Do you see your role expanding as Dogster grows and will it take away from your park time or will you add a few assistants from the SPCA?

They’re will always be room for more pups and kitties from the SPCA. There’s so much dog love out there…and we at Dogster/Catster are on the front lines of it all!


7.  What advice would you give dogs that want to make it in the corporate world?

Know the right butts to sniff.


8.  When you were at the San Francisco SPCA what criteria did you use to select your pet parents?  Were you looking for something special?

I was looking for a vibe more than anything. A feeling that made my tail wag. Plus, honestly, I wanted them to be good dressers. And man-o-dog, my mommy can dress! She makes things. And daddy always wears fun shirts. It’s so much fun to go and walk them every day and show them off. We make a great family!


 9.  If you create your own treat what would it be?

Well, it would be a toss up. My favorite thing is a tennis ball. And my next favorite thing is kibble. So a kibble-flavored tennis ball! I wouldn’t know if I should chase it or eat it. Which, when I lower my ears to think about it, isn’t a bad problem to have!


10. How would you make the world a better place for dogs?

A better place for pups and kitties starts with better humans. We animals have such a desire to be picked up and loved, and petted and walked and just to make the world a friendlier place. Every pup and kitty should have the chance to have a great fur-ever home and have a place to run and sleep and be safe.


Also, if I could add, the world would be a better place for dogs if humans just let us chew on the darn couch leg like we want to! It’s so fun to gnaw on, especially for pups that are getting in their adult teeth! We can share, can’t we? I don’t bark when the humans sit on it. Why can’t I chew on it!?! Can we have a little give-and-take here?


My special thanks to Moxie, the Top Dog at Dogster, for adding her three woofs to our Blog and I hope you had some fun to start off your week.  I must admit that from a Dog’s perspective this was way more cool than thinking about the challenging Real Estate market, listening to more political debates or seeing more Hollywood starlets being arrested.   


 Is there a special dog you would like me to interview for my next Monday at the Water Bowl?


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