Would You Want Michael Vick Wearing Your Shoes?

Shutterstock_1480852Nike prides itself on its squeaky clean image it promotes and with its slogan, “Just Do It” aspires to be one of the top brands of the world.  The slogan should really be “Just Did Not Do It” after Nike refuses to get rid of Vick after Wayne Pacelle of The Humane Society of the United States writes to Nike asking them to terminate their relationship with Michael Vick.  Why then will they not rid themselves of Vick after all the publicity surrounding his alleged dog fighting crimes and find a better person to hawk Nike products? One can only assume it is about the money but this association may come back to bite Nike.

Philip Knight, the co-founder of Nike, appointed Mark Parker to the CEO position and described him as “an experienced, talented executive and has played an instrumental role in building our business and making the Nike brand as strong as it is today.”  I hope Mr Parker will care more for the dog fighting allegations surrounding Michael Vick than selling more Nike Zoom Vick. (Whatever they call these shoes that cost over $100 they do not make Michael Vick a better football player or a better friend to animals).

Air Tran did the right thing and did not renew Michael Vick’s contract.  After the “Ron Mexico” lawsuit, the obscene gesture to Vick’s own fans, the water bottle incident at Miami International Airport and now Vick is in the news about dog fighting what is Nike waiting for?  Mr Parker may wish to monitor the situation quite closely for if Philip Knight decides to get involved to protect all his dog friendly customers, Mr Parker’s tenure at Nike could go the way of his predecessor, William Perez, described in great detail by Business Week.  Remember Nike, a great many people run with their dogs.

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