How Pet Friendly Real Estate Follows the Trends

DogsuitcaseThanks to the power of the Internet, being a pet owner today is much different than it was a few short years ago and we now are seeing the rise of Social Networking for Pet Owners.


For the vast majority of pet owners the #1 place to turn for the most up-to-date pet information is – you guessed it – the Internet.  But as static informational-based Web sites are quickly becoming passé, Social Networking Web sites are pushing their way to the top of search engine results and eventually onto the computer screens of devoted pet lovers everywhere.    

That is why The Pet Realty Network™ has just launched a new Social Network for pet owners, Your Pet Friendly Community,  offering a different kind of Social Networking where pet owners can gather from across the country and around the world to share their opinions and experience about a range of topics from the latest pet news to pet product reviews, pet health information, where to find the best local pet parks and beaches, pet friendly rentals, a special lost and found pet section, pet services and special events and more.

As a leading resource for Pet Friendly Real Estate for pets and their people, it was inevitable that The Pet Realty Network™ entered into the social networking scene to capture the attention of the 69.1 million pet owners in the United States and many more around the world hitting the Internet as their main source of information. 

Utter the words “Social Networking” to anyone with an internet connection today and a few dominant leaders come to mind.  There is of course MySpace with it’s astounding 180 million users worldwide, Facebook recently jumping to 27 million active users, and even and, where every dog or cat can have a web page, proudly serving its 400,000 (human) members.  

Pet owners are a wealth of information, and when they want the very best for their pets, they want real opinions and feedback from real pet owners.  The mission of Your Pet Friendly Community is to provide a place where pet owners from Communities all over the country and around the world can talk about what is important to them and their pets, but most importantly to increase exposure for our dedicated Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent Members of The Pet Realty Network™. 

Pet owners, Pet Friendly Real Estate Agents, dogs, cats, horses and pets of all kinds are always welcome to Your Pet Friendly Community by visiting



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