How To Make a $130 Million Marketing Mistake

MarketingdollarsAsk Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner and Philip Knight, founder of Nike and most likely the answers will all be similar – put the face of Michael Vick on your franchise, the NFL or a pair of training shoes – and watch your investment be indicted. Of course, there are more people on the Vick gravy train that will stand to lose millions more but look what the dogs lost.  It is sickening to hear from the NFL that Vick is a “first time offender” in relation to these horrific dog fighting crimes.  Most of the dogs were most likely fighting and being mauled to death for the “first time” and do the various forms of torture used on these poor animals mean that the perpetuators may be “first time” offenders as they commited these horrific acts. It proves that money does not buy compassion, class or good judgment. Vick seems to shift the responsibility for most bad things in his life to someone else.

It is reported by ESPN this morning that the NFL has agreed to let Michael Vick play for now – could this possible be construed as protecting your investment for as long as possible?  The argument that Vick is innocent until proven guilty is absolutely correct but do we have to see his $130 million grinning face everywhere we look.  It looks as if the Big Boys have just wasted millions of dollars on someone that says he did not know what was going on in a house he owned and then cuts the price in half to sell the house in one day. The property market is not that bad!

Supposedly Mr Blank will make a statement about Michael Vick by the end of this week and hopefully before then the NFL commissioner will issue a statement as well.  Probably the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons are busy with their respective law firms attempting to extricate themselves from the Vick situation. 

 First a definitive statement about the horrors of dog fighting, then training for NFL players about dog fighting crimes with community service in shelters and then some nice checks to animal welfare organizations around the country would be a place to start. In case the NFL, Atlanta Falcons and Nike need a use for their marketing dollars. 

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