Nike Does It – Arthur Blank and the Falcons Do Not

Shutterstock_1480852It was just announced that Nike has suspended the release of the latest signature shoe, Air Zoom Vick V.  Nike spokesman Dean Stoyer confirmed that Nike has not terminated the relationship with  Michael Vick as they believe he should be afforded the same legal rights as any citizen.  This is right and as it should be. However, Mr Stoyer did not comment further about the long term relationship with Michael Vick which, of course, could be a polite way of saying that Vick’s shoes will not run off the shelves and do they want the face of Nike to be an indicted so-so quarterback that does not seem to be making it to any play offs but appears to be spending a bit of time watching dogs killing each other.

Now, there is Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Falcon organization.  He is presently “exploring his options” and that he is working “diligently” on getting the right people involved in the situation.  One can only assume he means his lawyers and unfortunately, Mr Blank, the dogs did not have the luxury of “exploring” their options before they were thrown in the ring. One can only assume your organization, your coaches, your fans and even the Board of Directors and shareholders of Home Depot, with their reputations tied to yours and your favorite money pit Michael Vick, are anxiously awaiting for you to speak.

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