The Chicago Tribune Writes About The Pet Realty Network Confirming That “Going To The Dogs Is Not A Bad Thing”

Yesterday in the Real Estate section of The Chicago Tribune Mary Umberger wrote an article emphasizing that to stand apart from their competition Real Estate Agents must promote themselves in this challenging Real Estate market. It was great publicity for The Pet Realty Network’s Members Linda Lamb and Lindsey Marcus to be featured in The Chicago Tribune.  Would they have been featured without The Pet Realty Network? Possibly, but the Network certainly helped  and hopefully real estate leads will follow now and in the future from fellow pet lovers.

 As Mary Umberger states affinity marketing is not new but as 10.7 million people moved with their pets last year it is certainly a niche market worth looking at and, of course, it is ideal for the Pet Loving Real Estate Agent.  What better way to connect with a client than to have a common interest of pets?

Shutterstock_14598The Pet Realty Network is the perfect way for a Real Estate professional to market as dogs, cats and horses in particular are found in over 69 million United States homes from the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to the mega homes of celebrities to the Baby Boomers, Generation X, Empty Nesters and everyone in between that loves pets. The pet connection is an easy way to get noticed. Remember the quote from President Harry Truman, “When you want a friend in Washington, get a dog” and the saying is a great reminder for Real Estate professionals when it comes to marketing – your dog is always there for you and can be a great help (of course, the same goes for cats, horses, etc).  We thank The Chicago Tribune and Mary Umberger  for it is wonderful to be noticed by a national publication after only 5 months since The Pet Realty Network’s launch.

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