Arthur Blank and The Atlanta Falcons Missed The Ball

Shutterstock_605220Less than 24 hours ago the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ordered Michael Vick not to report to the Atlanta Falcons training camp this Thursday pending the completion of a NFL review of his recent indictment by a federal grand jury for allegedly participating in the heinous crime of dog fighting. Why Vick was not suspended indefinitely or for good  is impossible to figure out. Vick has apologized to Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, i.e. the man that writes his paycheck, but there has been no apology from Vick for the way in which he and his cohorts treated defenseless animals. 

Now today Arthur Blank holds a press conference with Rich McKay, the General Manager and Bobby Petrino, the new Head Coach by his side.  Pure Public Relations! They mentioned they were ready to suspend Vick for 4 games but the NFL stepped in and told Vick not to report to training camp.  The NFL saved the Falcons from making any decisions. What was so sad and pathetic about this group of 3 Falcons was that they talked about how their hearts went out to Michael Vick and what he must be going through and how he must sort out his life and concentrate on his legal problems and putting his life together, how they would address replacing a quarterback during training camp (yes, they were probably saying that Vick will not be back) and the effect on Vick’s teammates, the coaches, the NFL and the fans.  All they seemed to be concerned about was the Atlanta Falcon’s bottom line, i.e, the money.  What about the crime of Dog Fighting and all the poor animals that suffered and died because of Michael Vick, either being involved in person or conspiring with the thugs that roamed Vick’s house and organized dog fights in Virgina and other States.  Forget your 2007 Season, Mr Blank and do something for the animals. Donations to Animal Shelters would be more appropriate than giving your millions to the overpaid NFL players that take part or condone dog fighting.

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