The Dogs Do Not Have A Voice In Dog Fighting But Highly Paid, Over Rated NFL Players Do

Shutterstock_607158Michael Vick may not be concerned with the fate of the dogs on his property and in all the dog fighting crimes across the country but he is probably starting to look at the money that is “fleeing” quite quickly from his highly paid endorsements.  Finally Nike gets the picture and announced that it was suspending Vick’s endorsement deal without pay as well as halting sales of Vick named shoes and other products in its stores.  Also, Reebok followed by stopping sales of Vick’s jersey.  And now Donruss, one of the four major trading card companies, has decided to pull Vick’s card from any future releases as well as Upper Deck removing all Michael Vick autographed memorabilia from its online store and will remove Vick’s trading card from its packs.

And talk about changing minds and “fleeing” from Michael Vick, this morning Michael Vick’s co-defendant, Tony Taylor, appeared in federal court to change his plea to GUILTY. Taylor entered his plea to conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activites and conspiring to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture.  Taylor also confirmed the indictment’s claim that he helped purchase pit bulls and killed at least two dogs that fared poorly in fights.

According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution today Michael Vick said in a radio interview today that he is remorseful for the negativity his situation has brought to Atlanta and to team owner Arthur Blank and would like to play for the Falcons again.  Talk about fleeing – Arthur Blank is probably “fleeing” to his legal team and hoping never to see Vick in a Falcon’s uniform again.

It is what these over paid and over rated NFL players say from the Clinton Portis, Jonathan Vilma and now Deion Sanders of the world– no apologies for the abuse they have caused to the dogs, no statements telling others not to participate, particularly young fans but statements such as Vick made this morning saying “I’ve learned a lot through this situation.  I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.”  One can only hope that it is a train carrying NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Arthur Blank, Russell Simmons, Senators Byrd and Kerry and the millions of pet lovers in the world.

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