The Word “Immature” Takes On New Meaning In Michael Vick Case

Shutterstock_719190Michael Vick has now apologized to Arthur Blank, the Atlanta Falcons, Bobby Petrino, Roger Goodell, fans, children, and pretty much everyone in the Universe but he did not seem to mention the poor animals that he tortured, victimized, destroyed and heaven knows what else during his six plus years of participating in and bankrolling dog fights.  And then to blame it on his “immaturity” and that he has not grown up as yet.  He was old enough to accept a $130 million contract from the Falcons, take money from lucrative endorsement deals and act like a self important person, both on and off the field, and figured out how to make Arthur Blank and Roger Goodell believe him.  “Immature” is not the word to describe Vick unless you are the lawyer that gave him the ideas for his apology.  So many words spring to mind to describe someone that tortures and destroys animals but Vick is not worth the breath to mention them.

One can only hope that Judge Hudson on the 10th December in the sentencing hearing looks beyond the Michael Vick and Billy Martin circus to the years of animal abuse that Vick and his friends participated in and gives Vick the sentence he deserves for his crime without worrying if the man will ever play in the NFL again. And, of course, the state of Virginia, the IRS and the NFL are waiting in the wings for the guilty Michael Vick.

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