Dogs – A Natural History

Dogs hc cCollins, the publisher of Dogs – A Natural History by Jake Page, asked me to review this new book so I thought why not.  Spending most of my life in Barnes and Noble I would simply add one more book to read to the pile on my desk, coffee table, kitchen counter, bedside table, in the car (you get the picture).  We do not sell books on our Web site, I was not being paid by the publisher and I had never met Jake Page so I could never be accused of showing favoritism except that I love dogs.

The book jacket states that it is not a dog training book; however, this book gives a marvelous view of the history and the development of dogs. Even if you already think you know everything there is to know about dogs this book is a must read for how Mr Page describes his own family of dogs. His description of his 6 dogs makes you believe that you are a part of his dog family from Ding “oddly expressionless” reminding him of a Spielberg dinosaur to Curry (short for Coeur de Lion) who “sits erect, head high, and looks a bit like the Egyptian dog-god Anubis.” The wonderful photos in the book just add to the joy of reading about each dog.

I found the author’s writing about the history and transformation of the dog to be extremely informative, particularly the section on good breeding.  Before his untimely death a few years ago, I was fortunate to have spent many hours talking to Dr George Padgett, one of the world’s most celebrated researchers, writers and lecturers on the entire subject of canine genetic diseases, discussing many of the subjects mentioned by Jake Page and this book gives a solid summary so the reader does not have to wade through pages of genetic studies. Appendix B, Canine Health Problems by Breed, was too simplistic in my view and I would rather have seen a note referring the reader to the Control of Canine Genetic Diseases by George Padgett, DVM or other similar books. That is a very personal view as canine genetics was made a fascinating subject by Dr Padgett and this Appendix only gives a basic summary.

Dogs – A Natural History is informative and enjoyable to read.  It is the perfect gift for the pet lover as it is not just another book on how to train a dog but rather a series of insights about the history of the dog and how the dog is shaped by its own history.

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