About Us


Our aim is to Keep Our Paws on the Pulse of all things Pet and Real Estate related. Firstly, I shall admit to being the most non-technical person in Naples, Florida, and probably the United States, preferring my trusty yellow pad to Widgets, the latest ways to add things with silly names to my Blog or worrying if the photo I have attempted to insert over 50 times comes out upside down. All part of life’s rich pattern, I say.

After years of being involved in Real Estate in the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (all commercial) and also the United States and the Caribbean (residential) I have been fortunate to meet some very interesting people and be involved in many Real Estate transactions that have been both challenging and fun at the same time. Oh, the stories!

Pets and their people have always interested me and what better way than to combine Pets and Real Estate news, views and stories than to create The Pet Realty Network Blog. I hope we are able to share “tails” with you and please send your comments – at least they are posted automatically so you do not have to rely on me.