Nike Does It – Arthur Blank and the Falcons Do Not

Shutterstock_1480852It was just announced that Nike has suspended the release of the latest signature shoe, Air Zoom Vick V.  Nike spokesman Dean Stoyer confirmed that Nike has not terminated the relationship with  Michael Vick as they believe he should be afforded the same legal rights as any citizen.  This is right and as it should be. However, Mr Stoyer did not comment further about the long term relationship with Michael Vick which, of course, could be a polite way of saying that Vick’s shoes will not run off the shelves and do they want the face of Nike to be an indicted so-so quarterback that does not seem to be making it to any play offs but appears to be spending a bit of time watching dogs killing each other.

Now, there is Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, and the Atlanta Falcon organization.  He is presently “exploring his options” and that he is working “diligently” on getting the right people involved in the situation.  One can only assume he means his lawyers and unfortunately, Mr Blank, the dogs did not have the luxury of “exploring” their options before they were thrown in the ring. One can only assume your organization, your coaches, your fans and even the Board of Directors and shareholders of Home Depot, with their reputations tied to yours and your favorite money pit Michael Vick, are anxiously awaiting for you to speak.


How To Make a $130 Million Marketing Mistake

MarketingdollarsAsk Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner and Philip Knight, founder of Nike and most likely the answers will all be similar – put the face of Michael Vick on your franchise, the NFL or a pair of training shoes – and watch your investment be indicted. Of course, there are more people on the Vick gravy train that will stand to lose millions more but look what the dogs lost.  It is sickening to hear from the NFL that Vick is a “first time offender” in relation to these horrific dog fighting crimes.  Most of the dogs were most likely fighting and being mauled to death for the “first time” and do the various forms of torture used on these poor animals mean that the perpetuators may be “first time” offenders as they commited these horrific acts. It proves that money does not buy compassion, class or good judgment. Vick seems to shift the responsibility for most bad things in his life to someone else.

It is reported by ESPN this morning that the NFL has agreed to let Michael Vick play for now – could this possible be construed as protecting your investment for as long as possible?  The argument that Vick is innocent until proven guilty is absolutely correct but do we have to see his $130 million grinning face everywhere we look.  It looks as if the Big Boys have just wasted millions of dollars on someone that says he did not know what was going on in a house he owned and then cuts the price in half to sell the house in one day. The property market is not that bad!

Supposedly Mr Blank will make a statement about Michael Vick by the end of this week and hopefully before then the NFL commissioner will issue a statement as well.  Probably the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons are busy with their respective law firms attempting to extricate themselves from the Vick situation. 

 First a definitive statement about the horrors of dog fighting, then training for NFL players about dog fighting crimes with community service in shelters and then some nice checks to animal welfare organizations around the country would be a place to start. In case the NFL, Atlanta Falcons and Nike need a use for their marketing dollars. 


Should the Atlanta Falcons Be More Than “Troubled” Over Michael Vick and Dog Fighting?

103981_law_officesMichael Vick, the suppose to be so great quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, was indicted yesterday by a federal grand jury. In order to read the actual indictment you must keep turning away from the pages that list the atrocities commited and can only wonder why a man that has money, fame, the adulation of some NFL fans would need to become involved in something so barbaric and cruel that the words of the indictment scream at you from the pages.  But you must read the indictment so as to understand why Dog Fighting must be stopped even though it is already against the law in 50 States.

The irony of the situation is that the Atlanta Falcons organization issued a statement last evening using words such as “troubled’, “disappointed” and “disturbed”.  It sounds as if they did not get their first draft choice, not talking about Michael Vick and dog fighting. 

Where is Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons?  Why is he silent?  And where is a statement from Nike that uses Michael Vick to endorse his Nike Zoom Vick shoes?  How long before the NFL, Arthur Blank, Nike and others come to their senses and get rid of Michael Vick?  They may be forced to as if Vick is convicted of both portions of the conspiracy charge he could face six years in prison and a $350,000 fine according to a statement by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia.  And hopefully, Vick will have to use some of his $130 million contract to defend himself unless, of course, Arthur Blank, does the right thing and gets rid of him and his contract is not worth so much anymore.

The Humane Society of the United States has worked for many years to stop dog fighting and to make the public aware of the horrors of dog fighting.  Wayne Pacelle, the President and CEO of the HSUS, states that “now that Michael Vick has been indicted, the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell should not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary action under its internal guidelines.”  It does not take a rocket scientist to realize that Michael Vick has brought dishonor to the NFL and the Atlanta Falcons so the words “troubled” and “disturbed” should be replaced by “life time ban”. And then start looking for others in the NFL that perpetuate this heinous crime of dog fighting.


How Pet Friendly Real Estate Follows the Trends

DogsuitcaseThanks to the power of the Internet, being a pet owner today is much different than it was a few short years ago and we now are seeing the rise of Social Networking for Pet Owners.


For the vast majority of pet owners the #1 place to turn for the most up-to-date pet information is – you guessed it – the Internet.  But as static informational-based Web sites are quickly becoming passé, Social Networking Web sites are pushing their way to the top of search engine results and eventually onto the computer screens of devoted pet lovers everywhere.    

That is why The Pet Realty Network™ has just launched a new Social Network for pet owners, Your Pet Friendly Community,  offering a different kind of Social Networking where pet owners can gather from across the country and around the world to share their opinions and experience about a range of topics from the latest pet news to pet product reviews, pet health information, where to find the best local pet parks and beaches, pet friendly rentals, a special lost and found pet section, pet services and special events and more.

As a leading resource for Pet Friendly Real Estate for pets and their people, it was inevitable that The Pet Realty Network™ entered into the social networking scene to capture the attention of the 69.1 million pet owners in the United States and many more around the world hitting the Internet as their main source of information. 

Utter the words “Social Networking” to anyone with an internet connection today and a few dominant leaders come to mind.  There is of course MySpace with it’s astounding 180 million users worldwide, Facebook recently jumping to 27 million active users, and even and, where every dog or cat can have a web page, proudly serving its 400,000 (human) members.  

Pet owners are a wealth of information, and when they want the very best for their pets, they want real opinions and feedback from real pet owners.  The mission of Your Pet Friendly Community is to provide a place where pet owners from Communities all over the country and around the world can talk about what is important to them and their pets, but most importantly to increase exposure for our dedicated Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent Members of The Pet Realty Network™. 

Pet owners, Pet Friendly Real Estate Agents, dogs, cats, horses and pets of all kinds are always welcome to Your Pet Friendly Community by visiting




Does the NFL Commissioner Really Wish to Set a Good Example?



If Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, wants to step up and truly set an example to the 255 members of this year’s draft class his choice of one speaker certainly questions his view on the Michael Vick dog fighting situation.  It was reported by the CBS SportsLine and news organizations across the United States that during the meeting this week Goodell was concerned about “how they become not only great NFL players, but how do they become great men?”  Goodell constantly states that the conduct issue is one of his priorities and therefore one of the players chosen to speak at this meeting was slightly inconsistent with his stance on conduct.  According to the report speakers included Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Romeo Crennel – all good people, no problems so far – and then Jonathan Vilma. 

Jonathan Vilma of the New York Jets (he who puts his foot in his mouth by comparing dog fighting to horse racing) is listed as one of the speakers.  Now is Vilma the best choice by Roger Goodell or his colleagues that organize these meetings? What did Vilma have to say to the draft class about standing up to issues but then again the NFL has certainly not set an exemplary position about taking a stand against dog fighting.  “Curiouser and curiouser” says Alice in Alice in Wonderland and it appears that Roger Goodell and the NFL’s head in the sand position on the horrors and cruelty of dog fighting and not speaking out to players, coaches and staff could be straight from Wonderland. 

Mr Goodell, please do better than passing the buck as Vick seems to do and make each team owner and coach aware that the NFL is against dog fighting.  A good first step would be to send out The Humane Society of the United States’ fact sheet about dog fighting to these owners and coaches and perhaps reminding them that a majority of NFL fans own a pet and these are the people that pay the salaries.


Monday at The Water Bowl – My Dog to Dog Interview with the Top Dog at Realty Times

PimmsMonday0507I had such fun with my first interview with Moxie, the Top Dog at Dogster that I had to choose my second interview very carefully as I needed to find a dog from a different dog walk of life.  I also could not interview another lady, and believe me when I say that I am partial to a pair of fine eyes, and it had to be a dog that knew what was happening in the world of Real Estate so what better choice than Clooney Evans, the owner of Blanche Evans, the award-winning editor of Realty Times

Now Realtor Magazine named Clooney, oops I mean Blanche (we dogs must put each other first) one of the “25 Most Influential People in Real Estate” but according to Clooney they did not send any dog biscuits as a prize so he was quite excited to be interviewed at Monday at The Water Bowl as it appears that Blanche gets enough press and interviews on her own.


DSC00003Clooney is a mix of miniature dachshund, dalmatian and spitz and is named after George Clooney.  You can see that Clooney is much more handsome than his namesake and from my understanding is a much bigger hit with the dog ladies. Does George Clooney play fetch, tug of war and bite the head off the flowers in the garden? No, but my man Clooney does.  Anyway here goes my interview with Clooney Evans.  

1.   I assume that you are named after George Clooney and wonder if the name Clooney gets you any more play dates with the girls in your area?  If so, would it help if I changed my name to Pitt instead of Pimms or does a name matter?

What’s in a name? A dog by any other name would smell as sweet. But it couldn’t hurt, especially if you need some help in that department, my man. I have to beat the poodles off with a stick, which is why I carry one in my mouth. 

2.  As the Top Dog at Realty Times have you lobbied to have your photo on the Web site? 

I get enough attention. It’s good to be king, but you have to share the wealth. If Blanche wants her picture online, that’s fine by me. She needs the publicity worse than I do. 

3.  What advice would you give to all The Pet Realty Network’s pet friendly agents as how to promote themselves and their pets in this challenging market?  

Get out of the office. Walk your dog. Meet your neighbors. Or you can do it the easy way and buy a video ad on Realty Times and put your dog in the ad with you.
4.  What special perks do you get as Top Dog at Realty Times and are you asked to join in any promotional tours and speaking engagements?

When Blanche goes on speaking tours, I get to stay overnight at my vet’s doggie day care. They bathe me, clean my ears, give me treats and play with the big dogs. If she misses me, she can see me on a Webcam. But she never checks so I can be as naughty as I want.
5.   I understand that when your ears are up you supposedly look like Napoleon.  Do you use any of Napoleon’s tactics to run your Empire at Realty Times?

As my friend Nap says, “In all things – timing.” That means that you can be too early and you can be too late. But if you’re there at the right time, you’ll get a pat on the head and a treat. Oh, and another thing – never invade Russia in the winter. It’s always a bad idea.
6.   It seems that you are the literary genius behind your mother’s most recent book “Bubbles, Booms and Bust – Make Money in any Real Estate Market”.  Do you have any advice for dogs in maintaining their high standards of living in the present Real Estate market so trips to the pet store, getting presents and special treats do not suffer?

Buy and Hold. That means when you get a good bone, bury it in a good location. Sometimes you can trade your bone for a bigger bone, but during a buyer’s market, you have to have a different strategy. You could rent your bone out, or take advantage of cheap bone prices to get a second bone. Then when the market’s better both bones have appreciated. Then you can trade up for an even bigger bone.
7.   What would your ideal home be like if no expense could be spared? 

I don’t have much of an attention span and after I play, I get sleepy, so I’d need a big fluffy bed and blankie in every room, and I’d want a housekeeper to follow me around and pick up after me.  It’s so hard to get good help these days. Oh, I already have that. Her name is Blanche.  

June, 2007 055

8.  What are your hobbies?  I understand that you are a keen gardener but what are your other favorite activities? 

 I like frisbee, but learning the rules has been hard for me. I’m supposed to catch it in mid-air, but I prefer to watch it sail over my head and then chew on it, shake it and break its neck when it hits the ground. When I’m with my friends, I like Chase Me. That’s when I bite their tails and make ’em so mad they start chasing me around. If they ever catch me, I’m in trouble.  
9.  Do you believe in the real estate saying, “location, location, location” or do you rate other factors such as proximity to your friends, local doggie daycares, doggie restaurants and dog bakeries as more important?

Populations are more dense than ever, which means people need to get smarter about living in more crowded conditions. City planners, developers, builders and Realtors need to work together to make sure that there are enough dog parks and homes with doggie doors for the expanding dog population.
10.  Do you see your role at Realty Times expanding and will you be taking on further responsibilities?

As a consultant, I really don’t want to work any harder.   


Thanks so much for your time and insights, Clooney, and please woof here often.  


Zillow Is Only $22,957,376 (that’s millions) Off With Their Zestimate

40milThe Naples, Florida home of Miles Collier, heir of the Collier County’s founder, was recently sold for $40 million dollars.  According to property records it appears to be the highest price home sold in Collier County to date but in Naples one never knows because a private sale may have taken place on another property in exchange for another residence, a boat, a plane or 80,000 nights at the Ritz Carlton. 

The sale never even made it to the MLS system and therefore lucky for Real Estate agents that they never had to rely on Zillow that gave a Zestimate of $17,042,624 with a value range of between $15,338,362 to $21,644,132 as of today.  Even though Naples is not your average market when it comes to the sale of prestige properties I can only assume that Zillow is not geared for this end of the market.  I would just like to know where Zillow’s statistics are really coming from and perhaps the Buyer and Seller should think twice before relying on any estimates of the property’s value.  Welcome to Naples, Zillow.

It is still a Buyer’s market in Naples and there should not be more $40 million sales in the next few months. However, it is encouraging that without all the marketing hype and bells and whistles significant sales are beginning to take place once again along the Gulf of Mexico.



Would You Want Michael Vick Wearing Your Shoes?

Shutterstock_1480852Nike prides itself on its squeaky clean image it promotes and with its slogan, “Just Do It” aspires to be one of the top brands of the world.  The slogan should really be “Just Did Not Do It” after Nike refuses to get rid of Vick after Wayne Pacelle of The Humane Society of the United States writes to Nike asking them to terminate their relationship with Michael Vick.  Why then will they not rid themselves of Vick after all the publicity surrounding his alleged dog fighting crimes and find a better person to hawk Nike products? One can only assume it is about the money but this association may come back to bite Nike.

Philip Knight, the co-founder of Nike, appointed Mark Parker to the CEO position and described him as “an experienced, talented executive and has played an instrumental role in building our business and making the Nike brand as strong as it is today.”  I hope Mr Parker will care more for the dog fighting allegations surrounding Michael Vick than selling more Nike Zoom Vick. (Whatever they call these shoes that cost over $100 they do not make Michael Vick a better football player or a better friend to animals).

Air Tran did the right thing and did not renew Michael Vick’s contract.  After the “Ron Mexico” lawsuit, the obscene gesture to Vick’s own fans, the water bottle incident at Miami International Airport and now Vick is in the news about dog fighting what is Nike waiting for?  Mr Parker may wish to monitor the situation quite closely for if Philip Knight decides to get involved to protect all his dog friendly customers, Mr Parker’s tenure at Nike could go the way of his predecessor, William Perez, described in great detail by Business Week.  Remember Nike, a great many people run with their dogs.


How Does Your Market Grow?

Being a Pet Friendly Real Estate Agent has its Advantages.

Niche market to a targeted and growing group of Pet Friendly people WORKS because it takes advantage of current social trends in a way traditional marketing cannot, allowing Agents to pursue very individualized and particularized interests in a quickly growing market.

Just how quick is it growing?


The number of households in the United States owning at least one pet has risen from 51 million households in 1998 to 64 million in 2002 to 69.1 million households in 2006

In 2006, 63% of homes in the United States owned at least one pet and about half of those homes own more than one pet.

$38.5 billion was spent on pets in the United States in 2006, and it is estimated to grow to $40.8 billion in 2007.

There are 44.8 million dogs in the United States, 38.4 million cats, and 4.3 million horses

(Figures according to Pet Product News International (March 2007) and American Pet Product Manufacturers Association – APPMA – Pet Owners Survey)

Tap into the Pet Friendly market and growing your Market has never been easier.



Is There One NFL Player That Will Speak Out Against Dog Fighting?

Surely there is one NFL player that is man enough to speak out against Dog Fighting or are they all too busy counting their Overpaidmoney, looking for sponsorships or do they just need a course in the horrors of animal cruelty?  Now Jonathan Vilma (Jonathan who?) of the New York Jets puts his foot in his mouth by comparing dog fighting to horse racing and then saying according to the that everyone has heard about dog fighting and whether they choose to participate is their decision.  Why not stand up against dog fighting Mr Vilma or as you correctly state while attending your sister’s graduation at Harvard Business School, “She’s got the brains,” Vilma said  “She took them all.”  Truer words were never spoken.

While the Michael Vick saga continues and Clinton Portis remains quiet, probably due to pressure from the Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder, Vilma and other NFL players must stop blaming the media for blowing things out of proportion.  Where are the NFL players that will stand up against the horrors of dog fighting or are they afraid of being called sissies by their colleagues, not the good guys of the NFL like Drew Brees or Warwick Dunn, but the players that are involved in guns, shootings, verbal and physical abuse to name but a few?  Where are the owners, coaches and staff of these teams that must know that a huge majority of their fans, the people that pay the money for tickets, are pet lovers?  The time has come for the NFL to take a stand against dog fighting, both by words and deeds.


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